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MPD Continued Growth

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As you continue to live and minister on support, keeping up with your ministry partners and becomes an intergral part of your ministry. Here are additional tools to help you connect with them in various ways and a different times as well as some resources to help you remain fully funded.

For help with prayer cards, intial suppport raising letters, various scripts, online giving page, pledge forms and other tools return to the initial support raising page here.



It is paramount to communicate with your ministry partners. A regular newsletter is one way to do that and here are some tips to make your newsletter effective!

Printing Services:

Helpful Articles:


Marriages and MPD

Support raising, and the on-going maintenance, can take a toll on relationships. Family Life, a ministry of Cru specifically focused on marriages and families, presented this seminar/workshop looking at specific challanges that arise from support raising in marriages and how you can deal with them in healthy ways.

Going on HA

If you are going on HA ("Home Assignment") for a few months or a year, here are some ideas, planning aids, scripts and examples, to help get you started and to maximize your time and effort as you connect with your ministry partners.

Start Here: HA Checklist

  • Updating Gifts: Donor Services and how a ministry partner updates their gift on Sharepoint. 
  • Increase Ask: How much to ask a current partner to increase by? on Sharepoint 
  • Script for a phone call to set up an appointment to ask for an increase on Sharepoint 
  • Script for leaving a voicemail on Sharepoint 
  • Referrals: Running out of names?  Here is a short explanation and example of a on Sharepoint.
  • Small Group Dinner: Another way to get referrals is having a current partner host a dinner event; more info on Sharepoint 

Continual Increase Support Strategy

This is a proven strategy to help you continually be increasing the amount of financial support coming in while you are on the field. It takes a small amount of continual effort instead of trying to cram everything in when you visit North America for a few short weeks at a time. This strategy is different than if you are going on HA, or are taking a specific set aside time put significant effort into increasing support.

  • Here is a VIDEO that walks you through the process (please note, skip ahead to 37:35 in the video to get to the content). On Sharepoint. The video is also avaialble on YouTube.
  • What is this strategy and how does it work? Here is the plan laid out in a step-by-step guide.  On SharePoint.

Raising and Keeping Support While on the Field

Year-End Ask

Could you use additional funding to cover a deficit, or for a special need or project? The end of the year is the time!

YEA impactBanner 02.jpg

Why do a Year End Ask (YEA)?

  • 31% of ALL donations occur in December
  • 12% of all donations occur Dec 29-31
  • People are giving. They also are most likely to give to a person or organization they are already connected to (i.e. your partners to you)
  • Open opportunities for non-regular givers, or 1st-time gifts
  • Number 1 reason people do not give is because they were never asked

The real reason? Has nothing to do with money. IMPACT. A YEA is about sharing the stories of the impact you and your ministry is having and could have, inviting people to be a part of that life-changing impact, and allowing their involvement to impact their own lives.  

START HERE: Watch the webinar! 20 minutes to unpack what the Year-End Ask is, what to include, and helpful tips.

NEXT: Look at the YEA Guide. It unpacks what to say and how to say it, 5 minimum steps for everyone, tips, FAQs and more!

Other Tools: