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Ministry Partner Development (Support Raising)

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Start Here:

  • set up your online giving page
  • create your prayer card and get printed
  • print pledge cards

More info about each of these, and more, is available below.

Tools and Scripts

Article: Debunking Myths about Ethnic Minority Support Raising

Phone Calls and Voicemails

  • Calling for an appointment, tips and scripts. On Sharepoint
  • Following up when a gift doesn't come in
  • Responding to a stop in giving

The Ask

  • 5 Questions to diagnose your ask. video
  • Examples of "The Ask" and how to respond. On Sharepoint



While a letter does NOT replace meeting someone face-to-face for an appointment, it can be a wonderful introductory tool. The point of an initial letter is only to prep someone for your phone call to ask for an appointment, this is not an "ask" letter, there is no mention of finances; this is only casting the vision of your ministry. People that already know you are going overseas or stepping into ministry are already past this letter, you can just call them. But for those who you are not as close with, this can be a wonderful introduction before you call. 1. Don't use this with everyone. 2. Do NOT include any ask 3. ALWAYS follow up the letter with a phone call to set up an appointment. 


Prayer Cards


Prayer cards are something you should give out to all your ministry partners because of course you want them praying for you. It is important to include a few key items on your prayer card—your name, where in the world you are, TeachBeyond's name, and a picture.

Here is the online prayer card creator.

After you have finished creating your cards save them to your computer. You can then get them printed at any online printer. We recommend using Vista Print. Select "postcards" from the "marketing material" and then choose standard size.

Personalized Giving Page


You can create a unique webpage for your ministry partners to give financially to you. Share the link on Facebook, emails, or newsletter.

Fill out the form here. and you can use our Walkthrough for a thorough explanation for setup.

Use this Walkthrough to learn how to add a donate hyperlink to your email connecting to your personalize giving page.

Giving Forms

There is a comprehensive FAQ regarding all things Online Giving on the TeachBeyond page. Find it here.


  • Pledge PDF. This form can be filled out on your computer or print it out. On SharePoint.
  • Pledge Slip PDF . 3 slips per sheet. Perfect for adding to a letter, this is also a FILLABLE FORM, so please add in your own name and project number and replace the general giving page with your personal giving page address. On SharePoint.


  • Pledge PDF. This form can be filled out on your computer or print it out. On SharePoint.
  • Pledge Slip PDF . 3 slips per sheet. Perfect for adding to a letter, this is also a FILLABLE FORM, so please add in your own name and project number and replace the general giving page with your personal giving page address.. On SharePoint.

DonorHub and TntConnect/MPDx

The KEY is the online login system used to access DonorHub. If you are not technologically inclined, here are some nice walkthrough instructions.
  • DonorHub is a website connected to TeachBeyond to provide you "real time" information about your donors, donations, pledges, and project account balances. Get started with DonorHub here. You can get to the DonorHub here.
  • TntConnect is a free downloadable software program to help track your ministry partners and connects to the DonorHub and your donor information there. Here are the instructions on SharePoint. Here is a overview video. 
    • Need to import your contacts from an excel file you've been using? Read here.
    • Need to have you and your spouse access Tnt from different computers? Use Dropbox, read here.
  • MPDx is a free, online, cloud-based, program to help you track your ministry partners and connects to DonorHub and your donor information there. It has all the same abilities as TntConnect just in a different format and is integratable with a few more systems. More information here. Want a tour to see what it is and what it can do? Click here.

Financial Documents

What do they mean? Your: support schedule, ministry account, and paystub. There are 3 10-min videos that explain what the information means, what is actually going to appear in your bank account and where all the money goes!

Video 1 (support schedule)

Video 2 (paystub)

Video 3 (ministry account)

TeachBeyond Logos and Media Resources

Sharepoint has numerous resources for you to use and you can access those tools a variety of ways. Here are a few ways to connect to Sharepoint and what you can find there:


Various Locations

  1. The Support Raising Toolkit  https://teachbeyond.sharepoint.com/Documents/Support%20Raising%20Toolkit/Logos%20and%20similar%20resources
  2. The Member Site Communications Documents folder https://teachbeyond.sharepoint.com/Documents/Communications%20%26%20PR/Logos
  3. The TeachBeyond website http://teachbeyond.org/learn/

Marketing Media


These are the various types of documents available:

  • Pledge Forms
    This is available for print in the links under "giving forms" above.
  • Brochures & Donor Insert Cards
  • Pre-Addressed Envelopes
    The above are available by request, please email Pete Sanderlin at wpsanderlin@teachbeyond.org. 

MPD Continued Growth

Partner development is now an integral part of your minstry.

For help to maintain your partner relationships and stay fully funded, click here.

  • Newsletter help
  • Marriage and MPD
  • HA ideas
  • Increasing support strategy
  • Year End Appeal