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HMA US Resources

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Car Rental

  • Righteous Rides (St Louis, MO): http://www.righteousrides.org/
  • Missionary Tech Team (Longview, TX): (903) 757-4530
  • Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry (Harrisonville, MO): www.bmtm.org
  • Missionary Ministries (St. Petersburg, FL): www.missionaryministries.org
  • MATS International (Richmond, IN):  www.mats.org
  • Macedonian Call Foundation (Pearland, TX): www.mcftx.org



  • Help your partners to help you: http://adoptamissionary.info/
  • STEER, Inc: an organization that helps farmers & ranchers (folks who don't usually have a lot of free cash) to partner with you by donating the sale of a crop or animal. www.steerinc.com
  • Employer matching: ask current partners to check for donation-matching programs through their employers.
  • Maintain. Maintain. Maintain.