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The most important thing is that you feel free to edit and add as much content as you would like.

On the top bar at the right side is a little button that says "Edit" you can click on that and edit any page you see. On every page there will also be multiple links that say [edit] you can click on these and add and adjust content to your heart's content.

If you would like more guidance here you go:


<img src="/images/1/1e/Wiki-Tutorial-Format.jpg" _fck_mw_filename="Wiki-Tutorial-Format.jpg" _fck_mw_location="right" _fck_mw_width="150" width="150" alt="Wiki-Tutorial-Format.jpg" class="fck_mw_right" /> Try to keep different information in their correct category and under the correct heading. On the style bar right above the edit box there is a dropdown that most often says "Normal" this is where you can tell it to create a header which will signify a new batch of content. The top of the page is called 'Heading 1' but then throughout the page there will be multiple 'Heading 2' and 'Heading 3'.

New Pages


You can create a link to any page either within the wiki or elsewhere on the internet. To create a new page you simply create a new link to a page (that doesn't exist yet).   Then when you click on the link the wiki automatically creates a blank page for you to begin editing. You can create pages you wish had information and hope others will fill it, or create a page that you are knowledgable about so that others can gain from your wisdom.

Uploading Files and Images

On the sidebar on the left side of the page there is a link called 'Upload file.' You will need to first upload your image to this area before you can add it to a page. After you uplaod the image you can add it to this page by clicking the 'image' button on the top edit bar.

Creating an Account

You don't need an account to make any changes to the wiki. However, creating an account will allow you to keep track of your changes and also allow you a few extra permissions. A few pages are locked and only TeachBeyond administration are allowed to edit the pages. After you create an account a system administrator will need to give you the additional permissions.

Creating an account is linked to TheKey, which is the same system that is used with TNTMPD. You can use the same email and password you already have with TNTMPD, which will help you avoid having to create a second account. If you haven't used TheKey before, just click the tab at the tab at the top that says 'Create Key Account.' Make sure to use your TeachBeyond email account.

After you have created your account, if you would like additional permissions, just email communications@teachbeyond.org. We will upgrade your account.