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Living Overseas

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Buying your initial plane ticket to your country of service will be done in partnership with TeachBeyond through Mike Koerber. As a missionary there are a variety of discounts that you have available. One of the primary airlines you can fly with is British Airlines which will sometimes allow Missionaries to bring two free checked bags, and you have to pay for any extra bags. (This is down from their original three bag allotment.)

  • Raptim Travel - [Raptim TeachBeyond Portal]. Really good prices for one-way fares. You can talk directly to Glenda Weglo (glenda.weglo@raptim.org) who deals directly with TeachBeyond members. They can directly charge your TeachBeyond member account. If you are looking for round trip tickets it might be better to just search other discount websites. 
  • SIAMA - can get extra luggage and one way tickets for a reasonable price for missionaries- http://www.siama.nl/
  • Condor airlines - flies out of frankfurt and usually has direct flights for just as inexpensive as you could get with a missionary fare. -http://www.condor.com
  • Golden Rule Travelhttp://goldenruletravel.com/

Phon es

Most smart pho nes can work internationally but you need to make sure you have them unlocked before you leave your home country. Different carriers have different rules. Some will unlock your phone if you just call and ask other carriers won't unlock your phone if you recently signed up under a new contract.

Phone Plans

T-Mo bile: Has a month to month international plan without a long term contract. So you can sign up for T-Mobile plan as you transition overseas.


Word Lens: A language translator that works without a data plan. You just point the camera at the foreign language and it translates the words in real time.
iTunes Store | Google Play Store
Maps.Me: A map program that you can use without data. It costs $5 for the full version.
iTunes Store | Google Play Store

Pa cking

Some people have had a lot of success using large ziploc bags that you can fill with clothes and then vacuum-compress them. We bought three large army duffel bags from Amazon. They also are easy to store after you unpack in Germany. Here is an Amazon link.

Shipping Container
If you would like to bring with you a lot of furniture you should look into a shipping container. It will help you avoid having to replace all of your furniture you like with cheap Ikea furniture. You will need to prepare to be without furniture for a while before your shipping container actually arrives. It can be expensive to ship a container but it might be worth it for your family. 
Section needs more content. Please contribute.

M ail

It is helpful to buy a bunch of U.S. stamps and envelopes before you go move. That way you can write a bunch of letters while you are overseas and send them back with another person who is traveling to the U.S. to stick in the mail.



Chase Bank
Chase bank offers a card called Chase Platinum. It has no extra fees for international purchases.
Charles Schwab
This is a majority on-line bank. Because of that they have free ATM withdrawals worldwide. You can withdraw money with no exchange fees and no ATM fees. It still uses the normal exchange rate but with no additional charges. You can also deposit to Charles Schwab using their phone app.
Capital One
Offers no transaction fees on credit cards. You can also get miles on your cards which can be used for airbnd, travel, etc.
Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU)
ECCU is a bank that focuses on serving missionaries, as over 4100 missionaries bank with ECCU in 131 different countries. Mobile check deposit, transfers to/from external accounts and wire transfers all from your mobile app. ECCU is the bank that TeachBeyond uses in the United States, so that enables our members to be eligible for a checking account with ECCU. 
More information may be found here: https://www.eccu.org/map/teachbeyond 

Legal Documents

Car Ins urance
Depending on where you are moving, the more time you can show that you have had insurance, as well as proof of the amount of claims you have had with that insurance, you can get a better rate.
D rivers License
Marriage Certificate
Bring multiple copies of your marriage certificate for all of the legal documents and registration you will have to do.
Birth Certificate
Current Passport

Wills and Powers of Attorney

It is advisable to have a will and a power of attorney created prior to heading overseas. There are numerous online resources you can utilize to create these documents (LegalZoom is one of the more well-known) though you could also seek assistance from a local attorney in your area.  


Bringing Your Pets

Here are some helpful resources on bringing pets with you to the mission field.