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Master's of Education Programs

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Master’s of Education Programs that offer strong grounding in Biblical worldview:

  • Cedarville University (https://www.cedarville.edu/) offers a distinctly Christian online M.Ed. program with convenient eight-week, all-online classes, a cohort-based approach that keeps you on track to accomplish your goal, and full- and part-time completion options.

  • Covenant College (covenant.edu) The Master of Education (MEd) is a 30 credit hour program with two specializations: Educational Leadership (EL) and Integrated Curriculum and Instruction (ICI). Both specializations are approved for certification by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
    • The MEd requires three weeks on campus (Georgia) each of three summers. Each course consists of three phases: pre-campus, on-campus, and post-campus.
    • Pre-campus session: The pre-campus session begins with registration (February-April) and includes significant coursework within a variety of assignments: reading of texts and articles, writing, analysis, data gathering, and reflection. The intent of the pre-campus work is to give background to and prepare students for the on-campus session.
    • On-campus session: The on-campus session consists of one intensive week per course on campus during which instructional activities are widely varied. This session occurs for three weeks late June through mid-July. Classes meet 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Liberty University (http://www.liberty.edu/) The Department of Graduate Education
    • The National Institute for Christian Education (http://nice.edu.au) in Australia has fully accredited (Australian government - through Morling College) grad degrees online for Christian teachers and school leaders – MEd and MEd(Leadership). The courses are based around a Biblical Theology perspective of God’s great narrative as applies in education and biblical worldview assumptions in education (I.e., a philosophy course). All of the other courses are intended to flow out of the foundations set in those two units. The course is 8 units – one year full time if you are really keen! They give fairly good discounts for missionaries and those working in developing countries.